“Madness & Miscellany” Zine by Josh Erdahl and Richard F. Yates

mm 1

mm 2

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—Erdahl & Yates


The Ghost of Guido Vermeulen

Trash Bubbles and Life's Little Bits

This morning’s Monday Morning Mail Art Call is a little different from the ones that have come before, in that I am not only announcing a call, but paying tribute to a dear friend and fellow mail artist who passed away in 2014.

BreathingPollutedAirBluesGuidoV Breathing Polluted Air Blues by Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen was a “POET, MAIL ARTIST, PAINTER.” He was the self-proclaimed “dispatcher from signs and stones” and the “Editor of FRIOUR Network Magazine.”

ThisIsTheResultOfJustAnotherSleeplessNightGudioV This Is The Result Of Just Another Sleepless Night by Guido Vermeulen

He impacted the lives of everyone with whom he came in contact. Many became treasured friends via their regular correspondence with him. I am no exception.

HELLandHEAVENwereinventedbymymotherGuidoV HELL & HEAVEN were invented by my mother; a tribute to William Blake and Lynn Britton Radford by Guido Vermeulen

Guido and I met through mail art, but we quickly bonded on many levels which gave us plenty…

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“Eye + Needle” by Richard F. Yates

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop

1.eye needle 1Eye + Needle


24 Mar. 2015

I saw a coyote today running across the road, and my backpack is covered in cat fur. Coincidence?

Although certain doom is inevitable, chocolate milk and donuts help ease into oblivion. I’m contemplating writing a zine. That mean[s] the font must be bigger. (Currently 11pt. Calibri—weird default.)

Now this is probably to big, but that’s okay. I’m telling big stories today. A human, who was either getting a head cold or had allergies, scolded his nose for sneezing too much. (In some stories, the nose goes on to have a life of its own, but not in this one.)

Wonderfulness is contagious. Make sure you are inoculated. None of this “I won’t inoculate” crap. We don’t want another Magic Kingdom debacle on our hands, do wee??? Wheeeee!???

eye needle 2


“Little Smoker”

It creeped and crawled and crimpled its way onto the porch. Though…

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“Micro-zines” by Richard F. Yates

Here are a few of the micro-zines I’ve made over the last year or so. When I get a chance, I’ll scan and post some of the guts of these and one or two others. I love this format, though, because a complete 8 page zine can be completed in about an hour, and because it’s all on one side of the paper, you can take it to any photocopy machine and print 10 or 20 copies to send to unsuspecting victims!


—Richard F. Yates

Outgoing: To The Crafty Hag

I’m a huge fan of Coralette The Crafty Hag and her wonderful beasts and monsters! I thought I’d try my luck sending some stuff her way and see if I get something back in exchange! (Tentacles crossed!!!)

Interestingly, to me, the grayish stripes on the snake below are actually fluorescent pink in real life, but the scanner can’t read day-glow colors so it just makes them gray. (Computers lie!!!) See a few posts back for something close to the real color.

crafty hag 1
crafty hag 2
crafty hag 3
crafty hag 4
—Richard F. Yates